Administrators can access and manage all facets of their comprehensive edtech ecosystem in a practical, simple manner using LearnPlatform. Streamlining processes to improve efficiency, increase teacher capacity, and make and share data-driven decisions allows them to save money and focus on learning.


Benefits for Administrators


Ensure Equitable Access

Monitor EdTech Impact

Improve Educator Capacity

Manage All Products

Increase Purchasing Power

Improve Contract Management

Working for Every Leader, at Every Level.

LearnPlatform empowers administrators with the control they need to make informed budget and instructional decisions.


Curriculum & Instruction

  • Save time and give teachers a voice.
  • Conduct pilots 85% faster.
  • Analyze edtech impacts on achievement.
  • Innovate and save budget dollars.

Finance & Procurement

  • Increase purchasing power.
  • Gain pricing visibility.
  • Stop paying for unused product licenses.
  • Streamline procurement and contract management.

Technology & Compliance

  • Access comprehensive edtech inventory.
  • Comply with FERPA and state laws.
  • Get more contextual feedback (with less work).
  • Simplify single sign-on integrations.

Superintendents & Principals 

  • Improve educator morale.
  • Increase teacher capacity.
  • Manage edtech inventory with simple dashboards.
  • Use results and ROI for budget and policy decisions.


Explore how schools, districts, states or higher education institutions are implementing their edtech system of record with LearnPlatform and learn more about our product licenses and inclusions designed to help you get control of your learning ecosystem and get results.

Published Research

LearnPlatform Sample IMPACT 2.0 Analysis

See an example of our detailed reports on edtech product's usage and efficacy.


How much is edtech was actually used during the school years between 2014-17?

Organizations using LearnPlatform have saved millions of dollars.

System Integrations

LearnPlatform integrates with your current edtech software to provide your team with the most accurate analytics and streamlined results possible.

G Suite for Education, previously Google Apps for Education? Chromebook School?

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