Your EdTech System of Record

Save time, save money and improve outcomes with LearnPlatform, the comprehensive edtech management and rapid-cycle evaluation system. With LearnPlatform, education organizations can more easily inventory and select digital learning tools, maintain regulatory compliance, and measure outcomes to gain meaningful evidence that ensures learning ecosystems are highly safe, impactful and cost-effective.



Ensure cost effectiveness with an organized, comprehensive and easily digestible overview of your organization’s edtech tools, the needs they address, and their relative effectiveness for educators in similar situations.



Save precious hours and achieve compliance by creating or streamlining necessary processes for edtech requests, vetting, purchasing, implementation, evaluation, management and reporting.



Gain rapid, comprehensive insights into the way edtech tools are used and how effective they are with rapid-cycle analytics that help you make more data-driven instructional and budget decisions.


Edtech Management for Your Entire Organization

Contract Management

Manage all components of your contracts in a centralized location to make maintaining current digital records and building a historical archive simple and intuitive.

Dashboards and Reports

Share important information across your organization with comprehensive dashboards and easily configurable product reports.



Conduct, monitor and share edtech product trials in one place.


Pricing Visibility

Easily see pricing across your entire ecosystem, including unified contract data, network discounts, prices for license renewals, etc.


Centralize and streamline RFI and RFP proposal processing to mandate standards and meet the compliance, utilization and support needs you specify.



Quickly scan the status of all edtech contract terms, timelines and agreements, or review the details of each product in a single interface.