Product Companies

Lea(R)n is product agnostic. We are committed to empowering schools, districts, states, networks and higher education institutions to determine what works in their unique environments. Our users define their contract parameters and product requirements, in addition to managing their trials and RFP/RFI process. We have privacy, safety, security and non-disclosure policies that exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements and do not ever share individual organization, educator or student data. 

Product companies are encouraged to claim their page in the product library, and respond to RFPs, RFIs and product questions from the community. Access to feedback and product measurement data is always de-identified and aggregated, so it cannot be attributable to a user or group of users. 

Working together, and placing a value on legitimated, verified educator feedback, product companies and educators can focus their energies on developing, improving and implementing edtech that impacts student outcomes and achieves learning goals. This is the foundation of LearnPlatform for product companies.


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LearnPlatform is an agnostic software to services company for educators and their organizations. Our goal is to make the entire ecosystem more efficient from product discovery to implementation and management. If you have questions, please contact us