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Build, test and sell better edtech.


Results matter. And incorporating classroom results — rapid cycle evaluation and verified educator feedback — into product design allows edtech developers to differentiate their solutions, ensuring that their tools empower educators with more efficient, effective learning tools in the classroom and drive student achievement.

Big or small, education technology providers deserves to know what’s working and how best to quickly solve real problems for educators, improve products, drive student success and, of course, their own growth.  

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LearnPlatform is the fastest growing, most diverse network of educators, administrators and edtech organizations committed to making results matter.

LearnConnect’s unique, FERPA-compliant analytics engine and automation tools engages the entire community so product companies can focus their energies on developing, improving and supporting edtech that improves student outcomes and achieves learning goals.

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Lea(R)n is product agnostic. We are committed to equipping learning organizations with the systems and services to determine what works in their unique environments. Our users define their contract parameters and product requirements, in addition to managing their trials and RFP/RFI process. We have privacy, safety, security and non-disclosure policies that exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements and do not ever share individual organization, educator or student data. Access to feedback and product measurement data is always de-identified and aggregated, so it cannot be attributable to a specific user or group of users.