Save Time and Money Across your organization

For Schools, Districts, States, Associations, & Higher Education


  • Easily evaluate, organize, and support classroom technology
  • Improve instructional decisions and ensure compliance
  • Make data-driven budget decisions
  • Give your educators a voice
  • Improve effective technology managament from classroom to boardroom

edTech management for your entire organization

Contract Management

Manage all components of your contracts in a centralized location. With file storage and organization features, maintaining current digital records, as well as building a historical archive to develop institutional knowledge is simple.  

Dashboards and reports

Dashboards and easily configurable, consumable reports allow you to share data on all aspects of your complete edtech management platform, and manage roles with access and visibility based on your organizational structure and needs. 


Easily conduct, monitor and share edtech product trials from a central login. Grant access to completed trial results, as well as real-time data to enable informed purchase decisions.


Easily see pricing across your entire ecosystem, including unified contract data or network discounts. Gather rate data for new and expanded products or add on components, and use a single interface to reference all edtech cost information. 


Standardize RFI and RFP processes and parameters, achieving greater alignment with objectives, parameters and requirements. Centralizing and streamlining proposal processing allows you to mandate standards to meet the compliance, utilization and support needs you specify.


Quickly scan the status of all edtech contracts and agreements, or review the details of each product in a single interface. Understand at a glance when renewals are pending, term changes and options for adjustment or negotiation.  

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