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With a LearnPlatform for Educators account, verified educators provide trusted recommendations and best practices. Using our research-backed rubric, data integrations, and powerful filters, go beyond star-ratings to give educators tailored insights that improve instruction and outcomes.

Benefits for Educators

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Discover Digital Tools

Discover Digital Tools

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Time

Save Time

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Ask Questions About Any Product

Ask Questions About Any Product

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Know How Often Products are Used

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Monitor EdTech Impact

Monitor EdTech Impact

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Gain EdTech Insights From Verified Educators

Gain EdTech Insights from Verified Educators

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LearnPlatform, Product Library (Laptop)

Features of the LearnPlatform Edtech Library:

  • 4,000+ EdTech Products - Updated Daily!
  • Tens of thousands of contextualized insights from verified educators
  • Links to product websites and 3rd-party reviews across the web
  • Ask educators questions about any product
  • Searchable by topic, grade, subject, device type, and more...

Professional Development

Our professional development helps educators master the skill of effective edtech discovery, evaluation and data-driven decision-making. Focused on working within the platform, educators are able to grade, vet and provide valuable feedback on the edtech tools they use, while connecting with other educators across the country on the tools that make their classrooms a success everyday.