This school year has officially ended and educators across the country are starting preparations for the next school year. Turning their focus toward the use of edtech in their schools and districts, administrators are finding ways to innovate, shifting their attention to data-driven learning and achieving better results for students.  

Managing ever-changing budgets while selecting the edtech tools that get results in the classroom requires great care and balance. We developed the LearnPlatform for Educators and LearnPlatform for Students Chrome Extensions to offer a fast, free, low effort (install and activate district-wide in less than five minutes) comprehensive view of which products are being used in the classroom and how much.

A smarter browser in 1,2,3

Get visibility on the edtech sites your staff and students visit without asking them to take any additional steps or change practice. LearnPlatform for Educators allows teachers to access, grade and provide real-time feedback on the edtech they use. When educators visit the website of any learning technology, the extension activates, allowing them to:

  • See grades from verified educators on each product.

  • Ask their professional learning networks questions about products.

  • Save products to their own library and access other key features of their LearnPlatform account directly from the page.

LearnPlatform for Students provides data on which edtech sites students are accessing using their Google profile.

These extensions give school administrators an easy way to see edtech product engagement. District-wide installation and activation of the extensions prompts the creation of a free monthly analytics report that can be shared with whomever the administrator designates.  

Getting started

  1. Download the installation guide and install the extensions.

  2. Go about taking care of the million things on your list. The data will start aggregating (all data collection follows strict privacy standards).

  3. Get access to monthly edtech usage report in your LearnPlatform dashboard.

Robust edtech usage reports

All administrators who activate the Chrome Extensions have access to a free report which includes:

  • Educator and student usage data.
  • Educator-specific product usage (see who your instructional tech leaders are).

  • Product usage trends on your most popular products (how much and how often they’re accessed).

All LearnPlatform customers who activate the Chrome Extensions have the contents of the free report included in their dashboard.

Useful links:

Extension installation guide

LearnPlatform for Educators

LearnPlatform for Students

Looking for a little assistance? Connect with a district analyst to get yours set up in less than five minutes.