Budget season? Relax, we can help.

Budget planning is in full swing and lots of questions are swirling around — especially when it comes to understanding instructional technology and its growing portion of your budget.

  • How can you plan and prepare your budget while trying to find and analyze data on current student learning?
  • How can you identify gaps between where you are and where you want to go?
  • How do you evaluate choices amongst instructional priorities and weigh options for achieving your goals?

Are your palms sweating yet? Time for a Pepto? Glass of wine? Both? Never fear. Read about how fellow educators and administrators are using our platform to get and analyze much-needed data and results to create a school budget that works for them, not the other way around.

Those Walking, Not Just Talking: Reflections on SXSWedu 2017

SXSWedu holds a special place, both for me personally and in the history of Lea(R)n. Not only for the friends and mentors (and barbecue and music!), but as an annual touchstone to reflect on our team’s professional growth and the evolution of the education innovation landscape.

Just two years ago, we were one of 10 global finalists in the LaunchEDU competition. During that week, the meetings, conversations and competition helped us realize the problems we were solving were much bigger than we realized, and germinated our need to grow from LearnTrials to LearnPlatform. That trajectory defined our next year of growth.

Last year, after expanding to LearnPlatform, we presented with leaders espousing the power of networks of districts working together, which led to a game-changing approach to pricing transparency in edtech and analyzing edtech impact across K12 and Higher Ed.

Make Better Digital Courseware Decisions to Personalize Learning at Scale

Our team loves hitting the road and being in the thick of the edtech scene. We regularly venture out and speak with, learn from and help teachers, administrators and edtech providers alike in schools, districts and conferences throughout the country. We recently packed our bags and headed down to Houston, TX to attend the annual ELI conference. The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, or ELI, is dedicated to all aspects of technology in higher education. They are “a collaborative community committed to advancing learning through IT innovation.”

Our CEO and co-founder, Karl Rectanus, will support Tyton Partners' introduction of the interactive version of the Courseware in Context Framework (CWiC) through a presentation on February 15th titled “Using the CWiC Framework to improve your courseware selection and implementation.”

Call in the Special Teams with LearnPlatform Implementation

Special teams can often determine the outcome of a football game. At their best, special teams ensure superior field position and have the ability to change the score quickly. A good special teams unit requires several players who are specialized yet able to work together. In edtech, we call this the implementation process.

Through my role on the implementations team at Lea(R)n, I work with schools, districts and networks of schools who have made the commitment to implement better processes for organizing, streamlining, and analyzing their edtech products.

Lea(R)n for free: No-cost Resources for Your EdTech

Our Lea(R)n team has a pretty bold mission, but it’s one that we believe is fundamental to successful learning in classrooms across the country. We are committed to equity in access and know that technology should level the playing field when it comes to digital learning. Regardless of means, makeup or location, we aim to facilitate resources and relevant information for educational organizations of all types.

From our mission to our business model and structure as a B Corp, we work to improve equal access to valuable data through our LearnPlatform that helps educators and administrators organize, streamline and analyze all of their edtech.